Chris Woodard is a native of Sun Valley, Idaho and is seldom far from a freshly-waxed pair of skis, a sailboat with a tight sail, or a single-engine plane filled to the tabs. Chris originally thought he settled down making a living working with Big Pharma in the Big Apple after graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California with a degree in biology. Tucked into the crux of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, he couldn't evade the allure of medicine.  

Always on the doorstep to the outdoors and adventure, Chris found a new home at Ross University School of Medicine where he graduated with ​Highest Honors; his clinical rotations were mostly at the Cleveland Clinic in South Florida with many away rotations across the United States. After medical school, Chris matched into anesthesiology at his new home at West Virginia University where he still gets to soak in the mountains and sunshine. Chris is currently interviewing for a position as an attending anesthesiologist wherever he finds most enriching for his family.

Chris is a husband to a wonderfully talented anesthesiologist, a father to a beautiful daughter, an excited researcher and relentless explorer.

Anesthesiology Resident

West Virginia University School of medicine

​Ross univeristy school of medicine